3-in-1 card games

promo1Spread your word with our 3-in-1 trivia game promotional tool.

We’re proud to offer a customized version of our Tiguidoo! game designed to help you raise your company’s profile or promote your brand. Display your logo or another promotional picture on the front and back of the box, and choose your own colors. We’ll work with you to develop 52 questions about any topic, event or organization you want to publicize. Every card is a promotional tool in its own right.


  1. Trivia strategy game (10 years of age and up)
  2. Set of trivia question cards
  3. Standard card deck

Our customized games can be produced in one or two languages of your choice and come with a resale license so you can raise funds for your own organization or charity. The resale price is at your discretion.

Our 3-in-1 trivia game, an original, fun and unique way to boost your visibility while you watch your profits grow.