About us

Founded in Montreal, Canada in 2008, KebekAmuse creates and publishes theme-based Tiguidoo! trivia games in deck of cards format and in mobile application version.

Indeed, in November 2013, an electronic adaptation of the trivia game became available for Android and iOS smart phones and tablets.

Along with the general public edition, customized mobile application and card versions of the Tiguidoo! games can be developed for businesses, municipalities and organizations looking for a fun and educational way to enhance their visibility and promote themselves.

The deck of cards are entirely made in Quebec out of recycled materials. KebekAmuse produces highly portable games to keep you entertained no matter where you are. Our card games can easily slip into your pocket, purse, knapsack or car glove compartment, making them the perfect companion of your vacations, camping trips, coffee breaks, commutes or evenings with family or friends.

Captivating, dynamic and educational, our trivia games stimulate numerous interactions between players and their rules will be easily understood by every member of your family. A great way to enhance or test your knowledge.

KebekAmuse is a member of the Centre de la francophonie des Amériques.